USA Made Products - Were they actually made in the USA?

USA Made Products - Were they actually made in the USA?

Is your 'American Made' purchase, actually made in the USA? We try to find out! 

At Our Nation’s Creations we are committed to supporting the production of items made in the USA, including all the materials used to produce them. Supporting our Country is a big part of our Ethos.

If you are truly passionate about buying USA made items, there are some pitfalls to be aware of when purchasing products. Unfortunately, some manufacturers are very good at masking or at least making less obvious the true origin of products. You may see the American flag on labels, which initially makes it appear like the product was made in the US, but in fact, on closer inspection they were actually made overseas. Customs and Border Protection require that all imported products have a ‘Country of Origin’ mark, which must be easy to find with casual handling. More information on the requirements of origin labeling is available on their website.

Consumer Reports, wrote a special report in 2015, highlighting that 'most Americans love the idea of buying a U.S. -made product instead of an import. But sometimes it's hard to tell what's real and what's not'. Watch the video here.

Our Nation’s Creations makes sure to research our suppliers and origin of their products, so that we give our guests the highest quality, 'Made In the USA' products available. In fact, most of our suppliers have a great story attached to their products, for example: ‘Notes to Self’, who produce socks with positive affirmations on them, donate pairs to non-profit organisations. The Giving Keys, recycle keys by making them into beautiful jewelry pieces. Not only that, but they employ people transitioning from homelessness to create their products.

We are proud to support US based manufacturers, producers and be a part of the ‘shop local’ movement. Our store is located in the Plant Street Market, Winter Garden, Florida, where each vendor is passionate about providing guests with interesting and ‘local’ offerings. Check us out!

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