A New Year - A Fresh Start

A New Year - A Fresh Start

The beginning of each New Year seems to bring about fresh enthusiasm for the year to come. Whether it is setting a resolution, new goals and objectives or deciding how the next year is going to be the best year yet.

 We’ve taken some inspiration from Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge’s story. These two New Yorkers decided to buy a historic farm in the countryside, called Beekman 1802. They wanted to experiment in living better lives, season-by-season, neighbour-by-neighbour, however after both losing their jobs in the City during the 2008 recession, the farm became their survival lifeline.

Little did they know that with their city-honed skills, hard work and the support of their local community, their small farm would attract global interest. Josh and Brent’s dedication and unwavering belief in their new life, has even earned them a slot on TV’s Cooking Channel!

We love this unique story, not only is it an inspiration to us but, it adds further proof that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough for it, the rewards will follow!

Our Nation’s Creations is proud to provide our guests with Beekman 1801 products, including pie and cookie mixes, apple cider vinegar, pure goat milk soaps and beard oil to name but few!

We wish you all a happy, successful and prosperous New Year, no matter what your adventure!

Cathy and the Our Nation’s Creations Team

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