Be Our Valentine?

Be Our Valentine?

Valentines Day, yup it’s almost that time of year again! A great tradition celebrated across the world to let someone know you care about them. And yes, you should let them know that each and every day, but we don’t think there is any harm in having that one extra special day in the year too!

Our top choice Valentine's Day product

It was hard to choose amongst all our products, but these Love earrings had to be the winner! Not only are they beautiful and the perfect finish to complete any outfit, but each time your loved on puts them on, they’ll think of you! Find them online here.

There’s even a heart warming back-story to these pieces of jewellery, which you can share as part of giving the gift. These earrings are created by people in Los Angeles, who are transitioning out of homelessness, using old keys found.....well anywhere! This means you will never have the same key as another person, they are all truly unique. How cool is that?

However and with whomever you decide to celebrate Valentine's Day and with, have an amazing day filled with love!

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