YOXO PBS KIDS Ozzie the Ostrich Building Toy


  • Creative fun from PBS KIDS and YOXO! This building set includes everything you need to make Ozzie the Ostrich and then deconstruct to make a spaceship, fish or invent something new!
  • Open-ended construction system includes 16 YOXO links (pronounced “yock-so”) in a variety of colors
  • An award-winning, gender-neutral building system that teaches STEM skills through fun hands-on play (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
  • Links connect household items like paper towel rolls, TP tubes and cereal boxes as well as other toy construction sets including LEGO
  • More fun project ideas and downloads on YOXO's free instructions page
  • Made in the USA from durable, eco-friendly, recycled & recyclable* wood fiber Awesome for everyone! Recommended for kids 4+ years

Ready, set, race! With powerful legs, Ozzie the Ostrich is quick to the finish line. 

YOXO’s fun & eco-friendly construction toys are manufactured from durable, recycled & recyclable* materials in the company’s wind-powered Minnesota workshop.

YOXO kits allow for open-ended building, a form of play where kids design, build and play with toys created from their own imaginations. This kind of play gives kids the freedom to explore possibilities and test the boundaries of what is possible.

The result: endless hours of fun that fosters creativity and fuels imagination!

PBS KIDS® and the PBS KIDS logo are registered trademarks of Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). Used with permission. ©2016 PBS. All rights reserved. LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which is not affiliated with YOXO. *Recycling programs vary by location



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